Go Do - Jónsi


Day 1 :: Intro to Maastricht

WOAH... jet lag is a real thing. After not sleeping on the nine hour flight from Houston to Amsterdam, I have been somewhat delirious (delirious meaning CRAZY PERSON) all day! Basically functioning on auto-pilot. I think I've scared some people on the trip already... oops?

But anyways I'm loving it here! It's brisk and sunny, not as cold as I expected. We drove three hours from Amsterdam to Maastricht and got a basic tour of where we'll be living for the next few months. I loved driving by the brick houses, seeing people zip around on bicycles, and the cute cafe's and chocolate shops on every street corner.

My roommate's name is Lainey - she's a junior physical therapy major from Carthage, Texas who I didn't know before but I am SO excited to get to know her better. Our room is very sterile looking (Teikyo guesthouse was formerly a hospital) but its much bigger than the dorms at Baylor and we have a great view of an outdoor grass area from our second-floor room.

The other people on the trip are so wonderful! I'm having a great time getting to know them. We've talked about plans for Carnaval in Ireland, a bed & breakfast in Tuscany and an official high tea in London... Everyone has great ideas!

UGH. my head hurts. Need sleep.

Next stop: LONDON!
We'll be going to Canterbury the first day, but then heading to London through Thursday. Plans include seeing The Phantom of the Opera , a ballet, and a ton of other stuff... Can't wait!