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Student vs. Traveller

As a student at Maastricht University this semester, I'll be receiving a secular education for the first time in my life. Apart from a two-year stint at charter school in junior high, I've been in Christian schools from kindergarten up through college now at Baylor. Why? I don't know... that's been God's plan for me and I've learned to appreciate it in many ways. But I'm excited for the opportunity to learn from a secular worldview. I'm taking two courses from Dutch professors - one is an intercultural philosophy course, the other focusing on world literature. I love learning, I'm such a nerd I can't help it, so I'm ready to get classes going. My winter break has officially ended - first day of class starts tomorrow!

Hopefully travel won't distract from homework too much. "Student first, traveller second," in the words of UM director Jorg de Vette... We'll see about that! A small group of us are making plans for Germany next weekend. Booking hostels, figuring out trains and deciding where exactly to go in such a short amount of time is such a mess! If you have any tips, please send them my way.

On another note, I learned that one of my favorite bands, Radical Face, is on a European tour and played TONIGHT in Cologne, Germany - only an hour from Maastricht!! I was so sad to have missed it.
My favorite song of theirs:

Enough... night!

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