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Valentine's Day + Carnival plans!

I couldn't have stumbled upon this quote at a better time... losing my backpack last weekend was unpleasant, but this put things in perspective. How often do I find security in my things? I had to let it go! And trust that God provides everything I need to get through each day. Matthew 6:25-34 was a great passage to read through.

So candid. V-day 2k12.
Valentine's day in Maastricht was so fun! It's starting to warm up so I went for a run that took me by a beautiful cemetery, a medieval Cathedral, and up to the second river that I had yet to see.  I hope to go back and photograph soon!

To celebrate the holiday, Taylor made yummy strawberry crepes, my friend Katie surprised me with fresh white tulips (flowers might be my favorite thing), we had a festive get-together in the dorms and later went to the Shamrock. An overall successful Valentine's Day, in my opinion.
Taylor's AMAZING crepes. Pro status.
Tonight, 5 of us girls are going to Brussels and sleeping in the airport, as we take off for Dublin early tomorrow morning! I can't believe its already Carnaval break. Ireland and Scotland are on the agenda for our 10-day vacation this week... Can't wait!

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