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Amsterdam - Europe's own sin city. Day-tripping on Friday gave plenty of time to experience the heart of Dutch culture.

Our day was packed, starting with an outdoor market - vintage books, maps and records galore! A walk along the canal, lined with boats and Christmas lights, brought us [Hailey, Annaliese, Brady and I] to the Anne Frank House. The exhibit offered a whole new look at WWII and left me wanting to read her book again. She was so young - only thirteen - but wrote so well.

Boats and twinkle lights along the canal
Next up was the new Starbucks concept store, which recently popped up in design news. "Slow Coffee Theatre" is a brewing method that Starbucks is introducing, and Amsterdam is one of the pilot operations. My review: I want to move to the city so I can study in Starbucks 'The Bank' ALL DAY. It was wonderful, I think I'll design my future house interior after it. Lush, earthy, comfortable yet simple - well played, Starbucks, well played.

Inside Amsterdam's newest Starbucks
After dinner and coffee, the four of us tried our luck in a (less-than) classy casino. The language barrier made your basic slot machine seem like neuroscience... Needless to say, we split early.

Last up was the Red Light District. Walking through the dark but crowded street broke my heart. Depravity on both ends - the women and the men - who are involved in the scene. It felt empty and dark despite the droves of people, aimlessly searching for fulfillment in things that don't satisfy. Again, I learn a lot just from seeing different things like this so I was glad to have the opportunity, regardless of the ill-feeling it left me with.

Annaliese and I near the city center!
Amsterdam was my only trip this weekend! I caught up on sleep and (attempted to) chip away at the mound of work I've put off this semester. Let's just say I have a full two weeks ahead of me.

Click here for a short album! Excuse the poor quality, I left giganto-Canon at home this weekend.

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