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Czech It Out

Non-stop travel, studying and absorbing life in Europe for the past six weeks is catching up with me! Prague was a great experience in learning my limits. Six of us took an overnight train to the Czech Republic on Thursday - needless to say, the 'City Night Line' left me sleep-deprived and cramped from head to toe.
View of St. Vitus Cathedral from the Charles Bridge

But Prague! It's beautiful. Our first day in the city was a blur, but by no means a disappointment. I was captured by the city, finding it to be a melting pot of European culture.
Emily, Annaliese, Hailey and I
Elizabeth and I ventured from the group for our Saturday in Prague. Simple joy was found in the FULL cup of normal-size coffee (a rare find in Europe) from Krusta Bakery near our hostel in Mala Strana. We wandered up picturesque Nerudova Street, stopping in the 'traditional Czech' stores along the way, which heavily cater to tourists. Prague Castle sits atop a hill, lending for a beautiful view of the city. We caught the changing of the guards at the castle before walking through St. Vitus Cathedral. The Cathedral was beautifully lit with morning sunshine, but swarming with tourists (for once, I didn't feel out of place!). 
Elizabeth and I at Prague Castle
Hiking up Petrin Hill for a view of the whole city was my favorite part of Prague. A sea of red roofs running into the Vlatva River, layer upon layer of buildings and Cathedral spires, Prague is absolutely beautiful! At the top of Petrin Hill stands the Petrin Observation Tower (they get real creative with names) -  a tribute (or shabby look alike? I'll let you decide) to Paris' Eiffel Tower set in the grassy area of Petrin. I could have sat and enjoyed the view forever. But Prague was calling! So much to see, so little time.
View from Petrin Hill
After Petrin, Elizabeth and I walked back down through Mala Strana and across the Charles Bridge. The landmark is littered with tourists from every country. Beautiful 17th-century sculptures line the bridge, overlooking a crowd of visitors. We stopped for live music, courtesy of the Dixieland Jazz Band (yes, we bought a CD) and admired the paintings of the artists holding shop on the bridge.
Live jazz on Charles Bridge!
Reaching Old Town Square, we took in the diverse architecture found in Prague. Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque structures can all be found within the city center - so much history in such a small area! Prague has an addicting energy. I normally hate tourist traps like those lining the streets into the city, but something about the buzz and mix of cultures made it fun to be a part of. 

Our final stop was Halveske Trizste (or Havel's market), an outdoor smorgasbord of Czech pashminas, paintings and produce. After bargaining with the locals, we trekked back to Hostel Mango for a quick nap before our cheap but delicious dinner of traditional goulash soup. An evening stroll around the city, beautifully lit at night, ended with crepes on an outdoor patio with my sweet friend Annaliese.

What I learned: {The Lord stands with me and strengthens me} 2 Timothy 4:17
Although it started off rough, Prague ended up being a great trip! I learned further dependency on the Lord, and the extent of how vulnerable I am, physically and emotionally (never been so tired in my life!). This weekend followed up a meaningful experience in Cologne that happened earlier last week - I hope to post about it later. 

Enjoy the short but sweet album, knowing that the pictures never do the scenery justice! 

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  1. Going to Prague was our first overnight train, too, and my roommate Kaitlyn got really sick on the train ride. There were 8 of us, but we didn't want to split up between 2 different sleeping cabins, so she (the tallest one) somehow got stuck on the top bunk, and there were two people sharing a bed and one guy on the floor of the train. All that body heat in one little room, and she was feeling so sick our whole first day there.

    But like you, I LOVED the city of Prague! Glad you're having a great time!!