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Mountains Beyond Mountains

No photoshop involved, I swear.

Arriving in Interlaken is like stepping into a postcard. The train into town winds around the crystal-clear lake at the base of the valley, framed by the huge peaks of the Swiss Alps... I guess you could say I'd be okay with building a summer home in Interlaken.

Fourteen of us stayed in the famous Balmer's Herberge in the center of Interlaken. Renown for outdoor sports like bungee jumping, skiing, zorbing and paragliding; the town has a youthful vibe in the best way possible.

Call me granola girl, but I'll proudly say that hiking is one of my favorite pastimes, and Interlaken doesn't disappoint. On Friday, we hiked up one of the mountain trails for a panoramic view of the valley. The weather was PERFECT - clear skies, sunshine, and just warm enough for t-shirts.

On Saturday, Katie, Brady and I hiked to a town called Lauterbrunnen. From there, we took the gondola up to a mountain summit (Murren, to be exact). A tram running from peak to peak allowed us to stop at the ski chalets and towns that dot the Alps. Words can't express how beautiful it is! I felt tiny beneath the mountain shadows.

The highlight of this trip for me was being refreshed in the mountains - that is always where I hear from the Lord. Hiking up to Lauterbrunnen, I suddenly became aware of His presence... How nature is a reflection of Him. It came to life as I started praying and thanking God for putting me there, just for that day. Psalm 36:9 kept running through my mind - "In your light, we see light." Another was Psalm 23, "He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters.."

It's so cool (by cool, I mean humbling) to see scripture come alive. Moments of complete awareness of God's presence are rare, but when they DO happen there is nothing like it. There is nothing like having "full assurance of faith" (Heb 10:22) and "peace that passes all understanding"(Phil 4:7) - and then to realize that the Lord IS. That He IS the nature I am so drawn to, that everything is withheld in Him... it's incredibly difficult to communicate the feeling of His love. But I pray for anyone reading that "the eyes of your heart may be enlightened to know the hope to which He has called you" (Eph 1:18). Because nothing in this world, no matter where you are or who you are with or what you do, will satisfy like the Lord satisfies. And that was confirmed for me this weekend! Praise Him.

Romans 1:20
Switzerland was absolutely wonderful -  beautiful train ride, fun people, stunning scenery... I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Check out the pictures here!

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